How to Get Your Dream Job: 8 Things You Need to Know

how to get your dream job

Parents often tell their ambitious little ones that they can grow up and be anything they wish. Clearly, this encouragement isn’t sticking.

The 2017 Gallup’s World Poll reported, 85% of people across the world feel dissatisfied with their jobs. What’s killing all of these childhood dreams of working as architects, marine biologists, veterinarians, and superheroes, and landing people into unfulfilling jobs?

Individuals snuff out their very own dreams, but this can change. Parents’ big promise provides the seed, but they often leave out the elements required to cultivate the idea.

Here are 8 things you need to know about how to get your dream job.

1. “Cogito Ergo Sum”

This powerful phrase translates to, “I think therefore I am.” Perception creates reality for people view the world as they are inside and then live accordingly.

Labeling Theory

Don’t simply pass these off as pretty words without substance. Psychology’s Labeling theory suggests that the labels people decide on create self-fulfilling prophecies.

How to Land Your Dream Job With the help of Labeling Theory

Create positive labels for yourself.

For the positive labels to work, the negative labels need to cease.

For example, a person who dreams of writing a bestseller might create the following labels clearly separating how they feel and what they are:

  • I feel nervous, but I am brave
  • powerless/capable
  • inexperienced/witty
  • weird/creative

You are a person with feelings, but you are not your feelings. An important distinction to make while chasing a dream.

2. Unstruck Matches Never Burn

Just as matches only start fires once struck, labels only help with getting you the job of your dreams when you take proper action. Labels serve as the match.

Seems obvious enough, however, studies reveal that 20% of people admit to chronically procrastinating.

Why Do People Procrastinate?

Reasons for procrastination include:

  • fear of failure
  • unrealistic expectations
  • lack of motivation
  • under qualification
  • rebellion
  • lost interest

Despite the reason, procrastination puts the match back in the box where it settles for simply existing.

Imagine a person yearning to rule the nation but fears every possible disaster and expects more of themselves than humanly possible. They lose motivation thus deciding to skip college, which would qualify them for the position, and later either rebel or lose interest. This person settles for managing a department store the rest of their lives because they never took action.

How to Combat Procrastination

Prevent becoming that person; here are ways to combat procrastination to win your dream job:

  • remember you only feel afraid
  • set small, realistic goals and build
  • imagine yourself in your dream job
  • learn how to get a dream job and get qualified one step at a time
  • set deadlines
  • be brave

As the saying goes, “To begin, begin.” Once you light the fire, it becomes increasingly difficult to put it out.

3. Let Go

We cannot move forward without letting go of the things that hinder us. People, places, materials, and thoughts that don’t fit the dream need to go.

Sometimes it hurts to release even the things that hurt us, but mindfully say goodbye, let yourself feel the emotions, and then release.

4. Leaders Follow Leaders

All great leaders follow another leader. Find who kills it in your dream profession and start emulating them. Remain yourself while adopting the champion’s winning traits.

Why Them?

Discover why this wins. Success derives from any combination of:

  • raw talent
  • drive
  • charm
  • creativity
  • uniqueness
  • knowledge
  • effort

Discover which of these traits you possess and which you need to cultivate.

5. It’s Who You Know



NPR reported that you would not find over 70% of job listings published job seekers spend most of their time searching publications. Somebody you do not know yet might be how to get your dream job.

How to Build a Network

Networking is an easy effort. Use platforms such as:

  • LinkedIn
  • AngelList
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Meetup
  • Ryze

Don’t stop with social media. Find local networking events, especially ones that might teach you how to get the job of your dreams and open opportunity.

Connect with everybody who brings positivity but truly befriend the people who remind you of your leader and possess the traits you wish to inherit. People pick up traits of the people they surround themselves with.

6. Presentation Matters

The way you present yourself speaks louder than the words rolling off your tongue. Social media offers amazing networking platforms, but also creates more pressure for always presenting yourself well.

Here are tips for presenting yourself well in a few situations integral to landing your dream job.

Social Media

The internet literally connects the entire world, leaving the potential for full exposure. Follow these tips to ensure you don’t step on your dream:

  • showcase personality and unique skillsets
  • stay positive
  • stay regular
  • use proper grammar
  • engage in positive interactions
  • post interesting content and photographs


  • swear
  • post alcohol, nudity, or anything else offensive
  • be too active

You may realize that this is your first interview for your dream job. Showcase the best version of you.


Keep this baby short and sweet; 3 pages about how great you are is annoying, not impressive. A resume should be:

  • 1 page typed
  • uniform
  • error free
  • concise
  • truthful

Taylor it to the dream job, use a resume builder for formatting and include a killer cover letter!


Here’s how to land your dream job in an interview:

  • research ahead of time
  • smile
  • speak properly
  • dress up, slightly conservative
  • listen and be prepared to answer questions
  • ask good questions

You’re too close to let it go at this point!

7. Health is Wealth

Extending on presenting yourself well, staying healthy shows! Poor health leads to less energy and production, tardiness and absences, and an overall negative energy.

Stay healthy to keep your dream alive by:

Sleeping Properly

Science says sleep 8 hours minimum to prevent impaired thinking, weight gain, and chronic illness.

Balanced Diet

Dietitians recommend 45-65% carbs, 25-35% fats, and 10-25% protein, creating your diet. This should include a variety of foods in each group and lots of water to keep your body and mind functioning properly.


Fit in at least a half hour daily to keep you in good health and spirits. Exercising improves energy and mental clarity, which you will need to snag that job!

8. Choose Happiness

Sometimes you win, and other times, despite doing everything correctly, you change direction. Practice gratitude to attract your dream job. Life feels dreamy when simply appreciating every moment you’re in.

Go Get It

Like your parent’s said, you can be anything. Now you know how to get your dream job and are fully equipped to start the cultivation process. Read more inspiration and motivation that will help you on your path at Humble Musings!