8 Surprising Benefits of Practicing Yoga You Never Knew Before


Practicing yoga is no longer a niche activity only pursued by hippies. 

Yoga practice has become extremely popular over the past six years. Roughly one in ten Americans now practice yoga.

Some people do yoga more than others. But, you only have to dip your toes into the practice to discover the many benefits of yoga. 

Sure, everyone knows the benefits of yoga. It greats for mental health and can make you feel more in touch with your yin and yang, right?

Yet, there are also countless benefits of yoga which are surprising. Check out a few of the sadly neglected advantages of the blog post below. Let’s go!

1. Makes You More Attractive on the Dating Scene

Yoga may make you feel great inside. But, other people spot this as well!

If you’re a single person looking out for ways to make yourself more attractive on the dating scene, look no further.

Should you try a look style? Why don’t you get a makeover? Forget these cosmetic changes!

Yoga can actually make you more attractive to the opposite sex as well.

Wired reported that singles registered on online dating websites, such as Match.com rank higher if they mention yoga on their profile.

So, technically you could just say that you’re an enthusiastic yogi without doing any of the stretches. You’ll soon be found out when you can’t show off your flexibility.

But, lying doesn’t get you very far. Turn yourself into a yogi master before you start bragging about your flexibility. 

2. Improves Your Sex Life

Yoga can also improve your sex life. Not only do yogis pull more on the regular, but you’ll also have better sex when you get lucky.

Sure, getting a workout can naturally make you feel better about yourself. Exercise makes you better in the bedroom.

This makes sense, right? You look and feel better when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

But, yoga also enhances your flexibility and strength, which makes you fitter when you get down and dirty.

Notably, yoga can increase the strength of your pelvic floor muscles. Ladies, the better the grip you have down below, the better orgasms you’ll enjoy as well.

3. Become Smarter

You may wonder what yoga has to do with you being smarter.

But, the evidence shows that practicing yoga around twenty minutes per day can improve your capacity to process information.

Have you ever met someone who seems to retain everything they read? They’re probably yogis!

You’ll discover that your memory and focus improves significantly when you pick the yoga moves. Suddenly, tasks that you previously struggled to conquer become much easier!

4. Enjoy Your Food More

We all love eating food. But, how often do you hurry down a plate forgetting to taste anything?

When you practice yoga, you’ll also develop your ability to be mindful. This includes when you’re eating your meals.

Yoga reminds you to listen to your body. You develop an improved capacity to feel sensations in your body. The taste on your tongue is included.

You won’t be mindlessly stuffing your face with food anymore. You’ll be delicately tasting everything. This has been shown to contribute to a happier and healthy life.

5. Love Your Body More

Many people are insecure about their body and appearance. Unlike many other workouts and sports, yoga doesn’t have a specific body shape. It’s inclusive for everyone.

The #curvyyoga movement has even become an important body-positive message. You don’t have to feel bad anymore about your appearance.

Many people are also promoting naked yoga. This has been linked with improved self-confidence for many participants.

Yoga encourages people to embrace and accept themselves. Whatever your body shape, you can enjoy the benefits of yoga.

6. Get Connected to Nature

Spending time in nature brings us closer to the wilderness. You can feel even more connected with the natural world when you do yoga outdoors.

You can either step into your local forests or take a yoga retreat like never before to experience your reconnection with nature.

7. Better Sleep 

Around one-third of Americans don’t get enough sleep.

Our sleep quality is influenced by how we live when we’re awake. Yoga can promote better sleep patterns. 

If you have a sleep disorder which leaves you lying awake at night struggling to fall asleep, yoga could help!

On average, people who do yoga fall asleep faster for a longer and deeper sleep. This can bring you numerous benefits for the rest of your life as well. 

8. You Enjoy Your Work More

Yoga isn’t a miracle worker. However, you can be forgiven for thinking that yoga could be the solution to all of your problems.

Around 70 percent of people say that they don’t feel satisfied at work. Frankly, many people hate their jobs!

While yoga can’t change your job (unless you become a yoga instructor), it can change your attitude to work.

When workers are permitted to do yoga in the workplace they found that they experienced lower levels of stress.

By becoming more mindful in your life, you develop higher levels of concentration and memory. This can help you to be more productive in your job.

When workers are productive, they also enjoy work more since they feel good about achieving goals. 

Surprising Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Now you know that there are numerous surprising benefits of practicing yoga. It’s not only the obvious stuff you know.

From enjoying your work more to having fun behind closed doors, yoga can improve your life significantly if you embrace it.

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