Taking it Outside: The Top Pros and Cons of an Outdoor Wedding


Did you know that couples spend an average of $33, 391 on their wedding? Consider a backyard or outdoor wedding to save on costs. 

Do you want to have your wedding outside but still not sure? Not to worry! In this article, we’ll go over the pros and cons.

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Pro: Stunning Nature Scenery and Lighting

A definite positive from having an outdoor wedding is the beautiful natural landscapes. This is a perfect spot for romantic wedding ceremonies. You may even save on some costs because you don’t need to spend a ton on decor.

The natural lighting is another bonus. The professional photographer will get stunning shots of you and your guests.

Con: Expensive Rental Cost

With an outdoor wedding, you won’t have all the facilities that an indoor venue offers. For example, you will need access to electricity for lighting and music. You will also need a mobile caterer.

Don’t forget you’ll need plates, cutlery, chairs, and tables. All these items are usually included at a venue.

You may need to rent a massive tent to protect you and your guests from the natural elements. You’ll also need to pay for portable restrooms.

With all these added items, it could end up costing a lot more than an event center.

Pro: Fun Family Space

If you choose an outdoor setting, guests with kids will get a breather. The kids can run around and play. Set up a few lawn games to keep the younger children occupied. This will take off the pressure on guests with children.

Set up some games for adults as well.

Con: Difficult to Reserve

You can only have your wedding outside during the warmer seasons. If you don’t plan, your favorite location might not be available.

With a limited season for an outdoor wedding, book ahead of time. This will help you to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Pro: Accommodates Massive Parties

If you have a lot of wedding guests, you might want to have your wedding outdoors.

Most venues outside can hold more guests than an indoor location. You can accommodate everyone with this option.

Con: Potential Restrictions

Some public places like a beach or park might have a few legal limitations. These limitations could affect some of your plans for your outdoor wedding. Make sure you research local rules on noise levels, crowd size, and alcohol before you book.

Find out what time local parks close. Finding out the rules ahead of time will save you from any added stress on your wedding day.

Pro: Have the Best of Both Worlds

Some outside locations offer both options. You can have your wedding ceremony outside but have your reception indoors.

They might charge you for both settings. This is an excellent option in case the weather doesn’t cooperate, and you need to move inside. If you don’t want to worry about poor weather, consider this option. 

Con: Poor Sound Quality

Sound can get lost in a massive setting like an outdoor venue. Some guests might have a difficult time hearing the speeches during the wedding. If you have a smaller wedding party, you won’t have to worry about this.

Pro: Limitless Space and Creative Options

With an outdoor wedding, you don’t have to deal with building restrictions or space issues. Instead, you can dream about using Roman columns, palm trees, or lots of stringed lights.

Instead of a dance floor, you could have your guests gather around a massive bonfire.

Add a live band to your wedding if you plan for a dance later on. You and your guests can dance under a starlit sky.

Con: Mosquitoes and Other Bugs

You could have a lot of wildlife and mosquitoes depending on where you live. This could ruin your wedding atmosphere. Bugs could attack your guests and the food table. Research to find out how you could keep the bugs at bay. 

Pro: Sentimental Atmosphere

Sit down with your loved one and think about your options. Depending on where you live, you could choose a wooded park, a stunning lake, or a massive garden. These options are romantic and soothing.

For something different, travel and have a beach wedding abroad. Your guests will enjoy the getaway, and you can explore the new location together.

Con: Poor Weather

Have a backup plan. This will save the wedding if it rains on your special day. The drawback is it will add an extra cost to your wedding and increase stress levels.

Even if it doesn’t rain on your wedding day, bad weather can still affect the mood. For example, heat can affect you and your guests, making you feel tired out.

A super windy day can ruin your wedding photos by blowing your hair, dress, and veil all over the place.

Pro: Decide on the Time and Season 

The most magical part of an outdoor wedding is deciding on the time of day. You could have a sunset dinner or afternoon tea.

What time of year will you have your ceremony? A fall outdoor wedding will look rustic against the backdrop of colorful leaves. 

Think through these pros and cons with care before you decide on the spot.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas

We hope you found this article on the pros and cons of an outdoor wedding helpful. Sit down with your loved one to decide if it’s right for you.

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