Guilt-Free Indulgence: 6 Healthy Dessert Ideas That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


Dessert…why does it have to be so good and yet so bad?! 

The word dessert comes from the French word desservir meaning to clear the table. Alas, next comes the sweet stuff.

Do you wonder if there any healthy desserts? Are you looking for some healthy dessert options? 

Whether you are eating out or dining at home, you will find some easy healthy desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. Are you surprised that healthy can be delicious? You’ll love these 6 healthy dessert ideas! You’ll be indulging guilt-free! 

6 Healthy Dessert Ideas

Dessert and healthy rarely go hand in hand. But in today’s health-conscious culture, people are cooking up some healthy dessert recipes. Let’s look at some easy healthy dessert recipes to serve at your next dinner party. 

1. Pistachio Nice Cream 

A healthy, dairy-free substitute for ice cream…pistachios, bananas, and avocado sweetened with maple syrup make this the perfect healthy dessert. 

Pull out your food processor to whip up this smooth, creamy dessert in no time. 

2. Healthy Pear and Apple Quinoa Crisp

Who doesn’t love apple crisp? All that sugar and butter…yum! This alternative recipe will satisfy your craving. 

Trading out the bad stuff for protein-packed quinoa and maple syrup make this a great choice for a healthy and vegan dessert. 

3. Black Bean and Sweet Potato Brownies

There are varying stories on the origin of the brownie, but we can all agree that they are usually decadent and always delicious. 

Would you love a healthy version of this tasty treat? 

Black beans replace the flour and result in extra “fudgy” brownies. The sweet potato adds some sweetness while adding the moisture you’re looking for in a brownie.

Who would have ever thought you’d be getting vitamins and minerals while eating a brownie? 

4. Queen of Sheba Cake

An alternative to ordering from Bonpastry, this French cake recipe will have you asking for seconds. 

The recipe calls for less butter and less sugar and uses almond flour for the base. The sea salt on top enhances the dark chocolate flavor. This recipe is a winner!

5. Low-Carb Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

Low calorie, low carb, dairy-free and gluten-free…Is this even a dessert? Oh wait, there is also a vegan substitution if you’re so inclined. 

Almond flour and dairy-free chocolate chips are two of the updated ingredients that make this a guilt-free dessert. 

6. Crustless Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie seems like it would be healthy already…pumpkin is a fruit. This recipe leaves out the unhealthy crust and sugar, making it a good choice when you’re having a craving for sweets. 

Don’t worry, the agave nectar and maple syrup make it plenty sweet enough to classify it as a dessert. 

Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth

Now that you’ve discovered some healthy dessert ideas, you can enjoy sweets without the guilt. Need help staying healthy? Check out our other blog articles for motivation to stick to a healthy lifestyle.