Fighting Depression: How to Avoid the 10 Most Common Depression Triggers

depressed man with gun to head

Depression can make it challenging to perform the most basic of tasks. Feeling hopeless, as if there’s no way out, is one of the most common symptoms related to depression.

While there are a variety of documented symptoms caused by depression, the goal of this article is a little different.

We’ll be taking a look at the 10 most common depression triggers. 

After all, it’s better to prevent than treat. Benjamin Franklin realized this back in the 18th century when he said that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

1. Getting Fired

Topping off this list is the cliché of emotional turmoil: losing your job. It’s not fun and (surprise!), it really sucks. 

Moving away from your only form of income or your life’s work can be painful. Financial stress is a real possibility when it comes to losing your job. However, it’s the emotional turmoil that can really mess your life up. 

Depression is a tricky illness to treat because of its many possible causes. Depression is unlike diabetes, which can be diagnosed and treated with insulin and a fixed diet. Depression is a beast of its own, which is why we’re taking a look at 10 of the many depression triggers.

2. Relationship Turmoil

Filing for a divorce, separating from your spouse, and breaking up with your significant other are all motives to get sad. Worse yet, many fall into depression as a result of the relationship trouble that they go through. 

Going to a trusted counselor or life coach can assist you as you seek help for depression. Counselors can help reconcile both parties or at least to help the suffering individual to cope with their loss.

3. Death

The reality of death is something that every individual must accept, assess, and cope with in their own way, whether it be through a belief in a higher power or through accepting their fate (or whatever the case may be). 

Regardless of the stark nature of death, it’s always painful when one has to cope with a loved one’s death. Depression often comes as a direct result of a loved one’s death, especially if the suffering individual is learning to cope with life without the foregone loved one.

4. Depression Triggers

While it can be challenging to narrow down such a broad category, the important thing to remember is that this is still a depression trigger.

Moving to a new country, losing a limb, and losing a friend are all significant enough to trigger depression in an individual. Many of the other items in this list qualify as major life changes and thus fall into this list of depression triggers.

5. Another Illness

Living with another disease can bring about its own set of challenges, including the emotional, physical, and mental strain that many diseases share. Depression often comes as a result of an undesired illness if the individual feels helpless and frustrated.  

In fact, this leads us to the next depression trigger on our list.

6. Excessive Stress

Feeling overwhelmed with whatever life brings can most definitely trigger depression in the emotionally strongest of individuals.

Think of stress as a snowball at the top of a tall mountain. All the snowball needs is a little gust of wind and it will start rolling down and picking up speed until it forms a huge snowball, otherwise known as the snowball effect. Stress works in the same way by continuously driving individuals into a vicious cycle of stress creation if the stress goes untreated.

7. Financial Trouble

It should be of no surprise that this depression trigger made it onto the list. Falling into debt, losing all your money, and losing your job are all guaranteed ways to cause financial troubles and thus cause emotional stress, which can develop into depression. 

As with other depression triggers, it’s important to remember that this trigger can be treated by talking with the appropriate individual(s). Talking to a financial advisor can help you get on the right track financially.

8. Sexual Woes

Mood and sex often go hand in hand, and thus it must be noted that sexual woes can serve as a type of depression trigger. Sexual side effects come as a result of some antidepressants, meaning that either sexual woes or depression can lead to each other.

Regardless of which causes which, it’s important to tread lightly when using medication for treating sexual symptoms.

9. Obesity

Being overweight or obese are two surefire ways to feel uncomfortable in one’s skin, meaning that a negative self-image is created. This negative self-image, if not treated or corrected, can lead to depression.

10. Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Messing around with liquor and illegal substances can alter one’s emotions and body chemistry severely, which can certainly lead to depression.

For one, alcohol and drugs can create a vicious cycle of addicition that will only dig you deeper into an addiction hole. Depression can kick in when the addicted individual tries to abstain from the addiction.

Combat These Depression Triggers

There you have it, folks. A small sample of the countless depression triggers that exist in this crazy, cruel world. 

Depression is a disease, but it’s also crucial to remember that it is a treatable disease that many people have beat. The key to recovery is simply finding the root of the problem (the trigger).

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