Top 8 Reasons Baking is Good for Your Health

baking therapy

Have you ever tried baking therapy?

This might sound like a made-up excuse to make some cookies. But the truth is, research shows that baking can be an excellent way to take care of your health. Experts agree that the simple act of baking can help combat depression and other health issues.

Wondering what makes baking so good for you? In this guide, we’ll break it down. Keep reading, then get ready to break out the cookbooks!

1. You Feel in Control

In life, there are many things that we have no control over. However, baking puts the power in your hands – literally.

Baking, even more than cooking, takes a high level of control. You can’t just wing it. You have to measure out the ingredients and follow every step of the recipe, in order. People who feel out of control due to mental health issues often feel much better thanks to baking therapy.

Of course, gaining control doesn’t mean you have to follow complex recipes. The effect still works with simple steps. View here for one easy-to-follow recipe that will help anyone feel in control.

2. You Let Go of Stress

Whether or not you’re diagnosed with mental or physical health issues, you no doubt deal with stress in your life. Growing stress levels can quickly turn into big, negative problems. Fortunately, baking can help.

Recipes that involved kneading are great for unleashing stress, since you can physically “take it out” on some dough. It’s perfectly acceptable, nothing gets broken, and it’s more productive than punching a pillow. And, of course, you’ll get to look forward to a delicious treat at the end.

3. You Concentrate Better

Many mental health issues come with negative side effects that can affect the ability to concentrate. Baking is a great way to kick your mind into concentration mode, no matter what obstacles you’re up against.

It’s much easier to concentrate when there’s a clear step-by-step process to follow and a goal at the end. When your mindfulness pays off during baking, you might feel better prepared to face more nebulous tasks that require concentration.

4. You Feel More Confident

The issues that lead us to need therapy can take a huge toll on our confidence. If you’ve felt yourself struggling with your confidence lately, it’s time to give baking a try.

Depression and other mental health issues can hurt self-esteem, but baking builds it back up. You’ll feel a boost when you successfully complete a recipe and enjoy the rewards. If it doesn’t come out right, you can still build your confidence by trying again. Many recipes are easy to complete even for beginners, and succeeding at this small task will make you feel more prepared for bigger tasks.

The negative self-talk will take a backseat as you concentrate on your baking. By the time the work is done, you’ll have an entirely different perspective on what you’re capable of doing.

You’ll build your confidence even more if you share the results of your hard work with friends or family. There’s nothing like the appreciation of others to make you feel like you’re doing something right.

5. You Can Help Others

Sharing with others does a lot for your health, actually. And baking is the perfect, inexpensive, easy way to do something nice for the people around you.

When you treat others, your brain releases endorphins that help you feel good about life. You’ll gain a sense of deeper connection with the people around you, as well as a sense of accomplishment.

Baking can also help you grow your social circle. If you’re having a hard time making friends, bringing a baked treat to share at a social function is a great conversation starter. People are likely to invite you back since they’ll remember you and the treats you brought.

6. You Can Be Creative

For those who aren’t actively involved in the arts, it can be hard to find a creative outlet. You might feel like you’re not good enough at singing, dancing, or acting to take on a creative hobby. But did you know that baking can also help you unleash your creative side?

As you learn more about how baking works, you’ll be able to make your own creative substitutions and play around more with recipes.

Baking can also be visually creative. Even if you don’t feel ready to experiment with ingredients and techniques, you can have fun decorating a cake with different colors, or working on making beautiful frosting roses.

7. You Can Decompress

We’re bombarded every day with the demands of work, family, and even social media. In the hyper-connected modern world, it can feel like we never get to switch “off.” But baking is another story.

Baking gives us time to put down our phones, tune out the distractions, and just work with our hands. You can turn on your favorite playlist while you work or just open the window and enjoy the sounds of outside. The worries that usually play out on your mind will quiet down as you settle into your baking project.

Baking also produces a result you can depend on, unlike most of the things we work on in a given day. Your brain will feel less worried about outcomes. Once you’ve learned how to bake, you’ll always know what to expect.

8. You Can Tap Into Your Senses

To stay grounded and present in the moment, we often need to tap into our five senses. You don’t need to meditate, though – just use baking and cooking as therapy.

Your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and hands are all engaged in the process. There are few projects that do a better job of bringing all your senses into play – in the most enjoyable ways.

Would You Try Baking Therapy?

Baking therapy is easy, inexpensive, and doesn’t take much time. But the results will quickly speak for themselves.

Getting really into baking doesn’t mean you have to eat unhealthy things. There are plenty of healthy, delicious recipes to try! To stay motivated to eat healthily, don’t miss this post.