A Helpful Guide on How to Relieve Sore Muscles Fast

man with sore muscles

The most common injury for athletes is a muscle injury. Of those, 90% of them are strains and contusions. If you are active or work out often, then you’ve probably experienced your fair share of strained muscles. 

They can hurt and interrupt your everyday life. It is then hard to motivate yourself to get back in the gym. 

If you don’t know how to relieve sore muscles fast, we’ve got you covered. 

Try these tips the next time you work out and avoid the pain of sore muscles.  

How to Relieve Sore Muscles Fast

There are a few different things you can do to relieve your sore muscles fast. This includes taking action during, immediately after, and the next day. 

During Your Workout 

If you want to cure your sore muscles fast, you need to start before the soreness sets in. This means taking action during your workout. 


Before you start your workout, you need to stretch. Perform gentle dynamic stretches to prepare your muscles for strenuous movement. 

A good example of dynamic stretches are gentle walking lunges or swinging your legs. 


Do not immediately jump on the weight rack when you get to the gym. Even if you are doing a weight only workout. You need to have one exercise at the beginning that gets your heart pumping. 

This will prepare your muscles for work by warming them and increasing blood flow. By doing this, you will prevent sore muscles and possible injury. 


You need to drink water throughout your workout. This will prevent inflammation and cramping. For most people, plain water is sufficient. 

If your workout results in excessive sweating, then you should consider an electrolyte and sodium replacement. Be sure to avoid high-calorie sugary drinks disguised as electrolyte replacements. 

Immediately After Your Workout 

When you are done with your work out, you may be tempted to collapse on the couch. Don’t do this. Instead, start your muscle’s recovery. 

Ice Bath 

The college and pro sports teams are on to something by having athletes jump into an ice bath after a strenuous game. Soak in an ice bath for ten minutes after your workout, and it will significantly reduce muscle soreness. 

Apply Heat 

A few hours later, you can use heat to stimulate blood flow and release muscle tightness. This will speed up the healing process of your sore muscles. 

Munch on Some Pineapple and Cherries 

Eating tart cherries and pineapple can give your body the enzymes it needs to reduce inflammation, which will reduce muscles soreness. Both of these fruits contain bromelain. If you don’t want to eat these fruits, you can take a supplement instead. 

The Day After Your Workout 

Nothing is worse than waking up the next day only to realize that you hurt more than the day before. You can take action when this happens by doing certain things the day after your workout. 

Use Those Muscles 

The day after your workout, you need to use those muscles again. This does not mean heading into the gym and doing another laborious exercise. Instead, find a non-resistance way to use your sore muscles. 

After a hardcore leg day, you can hop on your bicycle and take a cruise. This will get your leg muscles moving without having them work too hard. 

Ice Again 

Ice is beneficial the next day as well as right after your workout. Ice can help reduce inflammation that is in sore muscles. 

Instead of hopping in an ice bath, you can target your icing to the specific areas where you feel soreness. 

Massage the Soreness Away 

Massaging is a great way to help relieve the pain of sore muscles. One option is to head out to have a professional massage your soreness away. 

However, you may find the idea of someone touching your sore muscles is pure torture. An alternative is to do the massage yourself. This way, you can control the pressure. 

You can use a roller or massage stick to help make this easier to do on your own. Your goal is to increase blood flow and relax your muscles. 

Use a Muscle Roller Stick 

If you aren’t confident about your massage skills, then you can use a roller stick instead. This bumpy bar has two handles, one at each end. 

You can rub the bar against your sore muscles to use pressure point therapy to release your muscles and encourage a swift recovery. 

You need to know about your sore muscles and where the knots are. Rubbing the stick on these paint points will elongate your muscles and stretch the knots. 

Skip the NSAIDs

Many people turn to over the counter pain relievers to get relief from their sore muscles. The problem with this is that they have little effect on sore muscles, despite being anti-inflammatory. 

There are also some serious risks that you need to consider. Even low doses of NSAIDs put you at risk of stroke, heart attack, and gastrointestinal bleeding. 

Start Feeling Better Faster 

Now that you know how to relieve sore muscles fast, you can take action and start feeling better faster. So stop feeling sore and start moving again. 

Remember, you want to stop your sore muscles before they start and then continue to combat them throughout your workout. If you do end up with sore muscles, try massaging them and gently using them. 

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