Letting Go at the Full Moon Lunar Cycle

moon in night sky

Have you ever observed the full moon rise and shine brightly in the night sky? It’s a sight to behold! For thousands of years, many people have drawn their energy from the lunar cycle.

They have always aligned their energy with the full moon’s energy, and they tend to assess and evaluate their lives during a full moon. They also cleanse and charge their moon crystals in a full moon ritual as a way of letting go of toxic karma and negativity.

How can you harness full moon energy?

By bringing your intention to a full moon ritual, you create a sacred space that helps you align your energy with the energy from the full moon.

During a full moon ritual, you have the chance to drop everything and let go of all that no longer serves you.

Explore the best full moon ritual for releasing toxic karma and letting go:

1. Cleanse Your Space

A full moon is the best time to cleanse your body mind and spirit.
How does this work?

The full moon builds up tremendous energy, both dark and light. During this time you may notice strange behavior in people, animals or plants around you caused by this energy.

If not well managed, the built-up energy can clutter and clog your space. It’s therefore important that you cleanse your space, body, mind and spirit to release any toxic built up energy.

You can use lavender, sage or cedar and add a chant like ‘let anything that doesn’t belong to me go’ as you cleanse yourself. Taking a salt bath will help you release all the negative energy too.

2. Charge and Cleanse Your Crystals

The moonlight from a full moon is perfect for cleansing and recharging your healing crystals.

How do you recharge your crystals?

When you leave them under the full moon, they release built-up toxic energy. This ritual clears them so that they’re clean next time you use them.

3. Meditate

Embark on meditation! The full moon is the optimal time to have inspiring moments of self-analysis and self-reflection.

The moon allows you to connect with the unconscious and intuitive part of you. What better way to discover yourself and find peace than in meditation.

You’ll find that your meditations during a full moon ritual are more meaningful, more profound and fulfilling. To learn more about meditation, visit this page.

4. Feeling Pent- Up? Dance!

Are you unable to express your emotions or feeling held back by dark energy? Dance! Let yourself loose. You can dress up and have a fun night out.

Alternatively, you can dance in your pajamas at the comfort of your home.
Either way, you allow all the negative energy to which leaves you feeling peaceful and free.

Dancing is the easiest and most fun way to release pent up energy and emotion. 

5. Release Your Emotional Baggage

The full moon provides you with the most convenient time to let go of all the emotional baggage that weighs you down. It’s the best time of the month to align yourself with energy that enables you to explore your full potential.

Most of the times, you might not realize that some situations stir negative emotions in you. This baggage prohibits you from moving forward.

Unless you let loose, you’ll never tap into the higher energy that comes with the full moon.

During a full moon ritual, you tap into the energy that makes you realize that some situations or things in your life aren’t worth fighting for. This is the best time to let go and let it be.

You’ll realize that the best way to let go is to declare new positive energy in your space, body, mind and spirit.

6. Check Your To-Do List

Remember the to-do list you made at the beginning of the lunar cycle? Well, it’s time to review it and check on the progress.

Did you accomplish your goals? Did you make any steps that would bring you closer to your goals?

Well, take this opportunity to see what held you back and what pushed you forward.

It’s also the time to modify the things that turned out to be a little bit irrelevant and create new space for better things.

7. Relax! Take Time to Observe What Comes Up

There is so much energy flowing during the full moon. If you harness it all at once, it can create an imbalance in your space.

The best way to celebrate a full moon ritual is to sit back and relax.

Observe things as they come up. Take time to see how situations, people, emotions and circumstances can work in your favor.

This doesn’t mean that you become a user; instead, when you relax, you develop a sober mind to eliminate toxic energy in your space.

This is also the best time to listen to what the universe is trying to communicate. You might not recognize the universe speaking to you until you chill out and relax.

Be patient, meditate and trust in the process and the ritual. The right path will surely dawn unto you.

8. Take a Moon Bath

What better way to let go than taking a moon bath! During a full moon, get out and let the moonlight touch your skin.

Your body needs the energy from the moonlight just as you need vitamin D from the sunlight. You will experience a sense of freedom once the moonlight touches your skin. It’s as if a burden is lifted off your shoulders.

How Can You Enjoy A Full Moon Ritual?

A full moon ritual is a ceremony set to celebrate lunar abundance. Full moon rituals are designed to help you release toxic energy and align your energy with your higher self.

To enjoy a full moon ritual, join a local community of people who you share similar ideologies about the lunar cycle and enjoy each other’s company during the ceremony.

You can share experiences and learn lessons from each other about letting go of negative energy during the full moon.

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