Teeth Shape and Personality: What Do Your Pearly Whites Say About You?

tooth and dental mirror

Did you know that up to one-third of Americans say the first aspect of someone’s face they notice is their teeth?

Your teeth reveal much more about your personality than you realize. Have you ever wondered what your teeth say about you?

Read below to discover the connections between teeth shape and personality. Let’s get started!

Do You Have Flat Canines?

Your canines are the fangs at the front of your mouth either side of your incisors. Some people have much more pronounced canines than others.

This is a sign of a laid back and relaxed personality, somebody who doesn’t stress about the small things in life.

That probably also means that you don’t consider your health too much. Flat canines can be partly caused by continuous grazing even when you’re not hungry.

You may also be drinking too many carbonated drinks. This can rot your teeth.

You should try to reduce your consumption of sugary drinks and stop eating junk food so much.

Do You Have Small Teeth?

Do you have smaller teeth than the people around you?

This is a sign of an anxious personality. Over 40 million people in the U.S. suffer from anxiety.

Do you catch yourself constantly biting your nails? Can you not stop grinding your teeth?

Up to 70 percent of teeth grinders suffer from chronic stress and anxiety. These habits can damage your teeth.

It’s often worse when you go to sleep as well. Wear a mouthpiece during sleep or taking a muscle relaxant before bed.

Ask your dentist for more advice on how to deal with tooth grinding.

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Have You Got Fangs?

Some people have large and thin canines which look like fangs. This is often a symptom of someone with an aggressive personality.

Tooth grinding like anxious personalities could cause this. However, more likely, this could also be due to aggressive brushing of your teeth.

You need to be more gentle when brushing your teeth. If you always use a manual toothbrush, you may want to switch to an electronic one to improve your technique.

Do You Have Crooked Teeth?

People do not trust people who have crooked teeth.

Roughly half of the business people surveyed say that poor dental health would influence their decision to work with someone else.

You may enjoy being the “life and soul” of the party. But, alcohol, drugs and heavy eating has taken a toll on your oral health.

You may want to consider whether you should make some lifestyle changes to save your teeth from further destruction. Your wild personality is a lot of fun, but not great for your teeth.

Perfect and Straight Teeth?

Everyone wants perfect and straight teeth, right?

People who have straight teeth are more successful, smarter and have a better romantic life, according to surveys.

You probably have a confident and responsible personality too. You’re just amazing!

What Do You Think About Teeth Shape and Personality?

Now you know how teeth shape and personality are linked. Which personality type do you have?

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