Stop Trying So Hard: 5 Ways to Let Happiness Find You

let happiness find you

On a scale of 1-10, what would you rate your happiness? For many people, this question is an easy one to answer. Unfortunately, others cannot seem to find happiness no matter what they do. 

Taking a quick glance at global statistics, it seems that Americans are falling short of other countries in their relative happiness ranking. However, regardless of nationality, it seems that everyone is looking for the secret to happiness.

We are going to look at a few ways to help you end your search for happiness and let it find you. Keep reading for more information! 

Set and Reach Goals

Have you ever wanted to purchase a home, take a trip, or simply retire early? Each of these dreams may seem lofty and almost impossible, but by setting big goals with smaller milestones, you will begin to see success.

Additionally, by setting having smaller milestone markers, you will know your progress and how to proceed. If you find that the initial, larger goal is not what truly want, you won’t face the buyer’s remorse that comes with ‘going all in.’ 

This can also be applied to education, your career, or even bettering family relations. 

Let Your Inner Child Out to Play

When you think of children’s playtime, you may visualize building blocks or dolls. As an adult, you too, need some playtime or relaxation. 

Awakening an old pastime or choosing a new hobby can help you relax and gives you time to focus on something you enjoy. Before nixing this idea with the notion of ‘lacking time,’ consider cutting the number of hours spent in front of a TV, phone, or computer screen. 

Work to Live 

For most other people, their career is part of their lives and quitting isn’t an option. In this case, you should be sure to take advantage of paid time off and working from home.

If your current position is truly making you miserable, refer to the goals portion above. This could mean setting a goal to retire early by making informed investments or attending a trade school for a new line of work entirely. 

Get Healthy

If you are one to hit the bar for happy hour 3-4 times per week or ‘relax’ with multiple glasses of wine, this could be a big source of your unhappiness. Alcohol is considered a depressant and avoiding this substance can go a long way in boosting your mood.

Likewise, being severely overweight, not seeking help for your mental health, and ignoring all of your aches and pains can easily stop you from finding happiness. 


The pursuit of happiness implies that you are searching for your own. However, by taking a bit of time to volunteer, you are helping other people find theirs while finding your own. 

Working with others for the greater good is often an overlooked way to increase your own mood. If you don’t have time to volunteer regularly, fundraising at work or donating a few dollars can also give you that warm feeling you are searching for. 

The Secret to Happiness

The secret to happiness is easier than you think: it almost completely revolves around your willingness to act. Possibly the easiest way to be happy? 

Continually be thankful for the small things–running water, food to eat, or the fact that the sun is shining. 

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