Don’t Let the Weekend Weather Get You Down: 5 Fun Rainy Day Activities

fun rainy day activities

Exercise can increase your feelings of happiness, even if you just go for a walk or get out of the house on a rainy day. So no need to feel blue when the storm front arrives.

But what on earth are the things to do on a rainy day, you wonder. Wonder no more, because we’ve put together a few of our favorite things to do inside and outside when it rains. These are also great rainy day date ideas or vacation saviors!

Don’t sit around and mope, make the most of it with these Plan B fun rainy day activities.

Play a Board Game at a Coffee Shop 

Grab your board game favorites, your umbrellas, and rain boots, and head over to your local coffee shop, the one that lets you sit there for a while (just remember to buy at least a cup ‘o Joe each and tip extremely well). Or hop on the streetcar and discover a new cafe and area of town. 

Dive Into an Adventure at the Movies

It’s rainy and cozy and a great time to see that movie you want to see on the big screen. It’s so much easier to get lost in the adventure at the cinema! Indulge in popcorn and a soda, or head over to Cinebistro for a full meal and a movie. Look for matinee prices if it’s early enough, and if it’s a Tuesday, AMC tickets go for $5 for Stubs Premiere members.

Get Your Escape Room Sherlock On 

Like to solve mysteries, find clues, crack codes, figure out puzzles? Enjoy sixty minutes (or less) of bliss as you and your rainy day partner literally break out of an escape room. We say less because if you solve the story faster, you get out in less time. 

When it comes to rainy day activities, this one takes the cake if you like to get in on the fun rather than just be entertained. It’s quite the adrenaline rush!

Go Indoor Sporty Go 

Chomping at the bit to get out and move and shake that body? Have a hard time sitting still? Try out a new sport or one that you haven’t done in a while, like skating. Remember that from when you are a kid?

You have two choices here: ice skating or roller skating, but not in the same place. There are multiple ice rinks in Atlanta, including the Rink at Park Tavern, Skate the Station, and Skate the Sky. For roller skating, head over to Cascade Family Skating, Skate Town, or Metro Fun Center. It’s easy to rent skates at all locations.

Indoor rock climbing offers a newer sport to the scene. Try Wall Crawler Rock Club and Stone Summit Climbing to start. 

Sing in the Rain

Grab your umbrellas or buy a couple at the drugstore for a bargain and hit the streets for a stroll. Everything looks different and fresh when it’s raining, even the street art, which is a fun, cultured twist to a casual stroll.

If you’re new to the city or visiting, get yourselves a paper map, preferably laminated, and get to know the area and sights. We say paper map because you want to keep your phone dry! Put it in a sealed plastic bag or leave it at home for a real in-the-now and in-the-rain day. 

If you plan to see the street art, mark up your map before you head outdoors or be really careful with your phone. We love how this art inspires!

Splash Up Some Happy With These Rainy Day Activities 

Bye bye blues, hello happiness as you step out with your galoshes and umbrellas to try out these fun rainy day activities. Whether you like to be entertained, be a part of the action, or need to burn off excess energy, there are plenty of things to do on a rainy day near you.

Need a bit of motivation to stave off the blues? Check out these tips to a can-do attitude come rain or shine.