Break the Monotony: 5 Benefits of Taking a Short Vacation

break the monotony

Are you feeling tired and like you need to get away?

Well, you’re not alone. Many of us feel like we are in need of a break, but we often struggle to make it happen. In fact, American workers accumulate around 700 million unused vacation days a year.

This is because it can feel like a lot of hassle to take a long period away from work, and longer trips can take some organizing. 

But the solution to this is to take a short vacation more often. If you need more convincing, here are five benefits of a short vacation.

1. Switch off from Work

No matter how much you love your job, sometimes you need to switch off from it. Working long hours and not taking short vacations can leave you tired and run-down. Many of us also take work home with us, which means we never switch off. 

However, studies have shown that checking your emails when you are not in the office can be bad for your health and your relationships. So taking a short vacation can be a great excuse to switch off your work phone and your emails. They can cope without you for a couple of days. 

2. Reconnect with Your Loved Ones

If you and your partner lead busy lives, it can put pressure on your relationship. Even the happiest of marriages can benefit from some revitalization. So it is worth making the effort and spending some quality time with each other.

A weekend getaway is a perfect way to reconnect with your loved one. You can treat it like a long romantic date, and do all the things you don’t have time for when you’re busy with work. Go for long walks and book a romantic dinner, and you’ll both feel like teenagers again.

3. Get Outside

Another problem with spending too much time in the office is that you are missing out on the great outdoors. 

Spending time outside in the sunshine can provide a boost for your physical and mental health. So by taking a short vacation you can spend a couple of days absorbing all the wonderful vitamin D from the sun, and breathing lots of fresh air. 

4. Experience Something New

It can be easy to feel like you’re stuck in a rut when all you see is the inside of your office and your home. 

Taking a short vacation can be a great way to try a new activity, or experience a different culture. Whether it’s rock climbing, wine tasting or learning about art in a gallery. A weekend trip can give you a whole new hobby and set of interests. 

5. A Short Vacation Can Help Your Career

While a lot of these benefits focus on taking time away from work, a vacation can help your career

Taking time out and recharging your batteries will help your productivity when you return to work. It will also help you to avoid burnout and stay focussed on your work because you are less tired. 

So if you have some of those unused vacation days, now’s the time to use them!

Self-Care Advice at Your Fingertips

So those are some of the benefits of taking a short vacation. It can help you switch off from work, reconnect with your partner, recharge your batteries…and you never know, it could even earn you a pay rise. 

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