The Power of Flowers: 10 Benefits of Adding Fresh Flowers to Your Home

fresh flowers

You love your home. It’s beautiful and clean, elegantly designed. 

However, something’s still missing. It feels rather “blah.”

But what is it?

The thing missing in your home is fresh flowers!

Studies have shown countless ways that having fresh flowers can not only improve your home but your entire life!

It may sound absurd, but before you finish that thought, read on to see 10 benefits of adding fresh flowers to your home!

Cleaner Air

Most of us remember from science class that much of our fresh air comes from photosynthesis. For those of you who were passing notes during class and not paying attention, photosynthesis is a process where plants convert sunlight into energy and oxygen!

Botanists have concluded that roughly 60 or more common houseplants and flowers can help clear the air in your home. They absorb harmful pollutants, reducing allergy-like symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, common cold symptoms, and headaches.

Feeling drowsy, stuffy, headache? Just add flower power!


Looking at any data out there, it’s obvious that our society is one that induces massive amounts of stress and anxiety. We live in an incredibly fast-paced world, and in order to succeed, you have to be the fastest.

While struggle builds character and champions and all that stuff they say, it can also be super overwhelming. Worse yet, it can eventually lead to mental breakdowns.

Fortunately, studies have shown that simply adding flowers to your home can go a long way towards reducing stress!

What do you have to lose?


Conscious homeowners want their house to be aesthetically pleasing.

Sometimes, it’s the nice straight lines in modern architecture, sometimes it’s phenomenal art pieces.

Whatever your fancy, a bold color pop in the right places can really add some charming appeal to your decor. And what better way to do it than with fresh flowers?

Fresh flowers come in all different colors, from subtle whites to vibrant fuschias. There’s an option out there for every homeowner!

For example, take a look at what Capital City Florist has to offer!

The Feel Goods

Along with reducing stress as we talked about before, fresh flowers also improve other aspects of your mood.

Whether you’re chit-chatting with a friend, preparing breakfast for the kiddos, or studying for your next exam, having fresh flowers around can totally change your perspective.

In a Harvard study, people were noticeably more relaxed, happier and even nicer to those around them when flowers were present. Based on these benefits, if you’re a parent, you pretty much need flowers in your house!

We were created to be in nature, even if we’re not anymore. That’s why simply touching a fresh flower (nature) can immediately improve our moods.

Physical Benefits

Surprisingly, fresh flowers have shown to have physiological effects on us along with psychological ones.

Chemically speaking, there are physiological things happening when reducing stress and giving us the feel goods, but we already covered those.

What we haven’t talked about, however, is how fresh flowers can literally aid in lowering your blood pressure!

Studies have also been done in hospitals showing that patients with flowers in their rooms heal faster than those without flowers. These same patients also reported lower levels of pain!

Fresh Flowers Make Scents

Much of the benefits that fresh flowers offer is due to the aromas they produce.

Along with cleaning the air, flowers also permeate rooms with wonderful scents. You could buy candles and air fresheners, but why not go natural?

Fresh flowers offer all the good smells manmade products try to emulate, however, they also come with all the other benefits we’ve talked about!

Brain Power

Flowers have been shown to increase your productivity simply by being in your workspace. It sounds incredible, and it is!

But that’s not all, fresh flowers can be linked to bolstering creativity as well. If you’re feeling stuck on a project or work of art, just stop and smell the flowers, literally!

Perhaps most amazingly, fresh flowers have even been catalysts in improving memory.

Finally, for you zen meditators out there, the presence of fresh flowers have been shown to aid in transcendence.


People who are more optimistic often tend to be more energetic as well. While the two are not mutually exclusive, it does speak volumes about the effects our attitudes have on our day to day lives.

Being around and smelling fresh flowers makes us feel good and gives us energy. Visually speaking, the brighter the flowers, the more energizing!

Imagine being in a dull room with no colors or decorations. Boring.

Now, imagine being in a bright room with vibrant flowers. Better, right?

Speaks to Your Nature

On a slightly conceited note, having flowers in your homes speaks volumes about you.

Guests will automatically assume you to be a more positive, happy, and easy-going person. They will also enjoy being your guest more.

Having a lively home with fresh flowers in every room will leave your family and friends with the best of impressions.

While they won’t fully understand why, they will feel happier being in your home!

Fresh Flowers, Social Plants

Speaking of family, friends, and company, flowers have been shown to create more socially positive environments.

Flowers set the mood for casual, positive, and productive conversations.

Additionally, because of the natural effects flowers have on people, filling your lawn or garden with flowers will make your neighborhood feel safer and you seem more approachable!

Are You a Believer Yet?

After everything we’ve covered about flowers, do you believe in their powers yet?

For men and women, flowers are a must for a happy home environment. With all of the benefits from aesthetics to mental health and physical well-being, it seems a little silly not have fresh flowers, doesn’t it?

Certain flowers have certain properties and attributes. Before you figure out what flowers are best for your home, do some research!

Or, perhaps you’re all about color. In that case, go for whatever strikes your fancy!

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