Work Smarter, Not Harder: 5 Useful Desk Organization Ideas

desk organization

According to an Oxford Economics study, the nature of a cubicle working environment ruins productivity. This concept has made many people make little changes, such as switching to open-office plans. 

Whether we change the layout of the office or just tidy up a bit, we’re always looking for ways to work a little more efficiently. And if you walk up to your desk early on Monday morning to find a confusing mess, then you might be in need of a little TLC. 

We’ve got a few desk organization ideas for you here that may be able to make your work day a little smoother.

1. Master Your Desk Layout

To start with the desk organization, you need to make sure that your supplies are in an ideal layout. This is the biggest hindrance for most people is not having easy access to all their supplies at any given time. 

Make sure that your keyboard and mouse are at a comfortable and ergonomic position. Your monitor should be at eye level and about an arm’s length away. 

If you use a laptop you may want to consider something like a standing desk, if only just to raise it to eye level. 

Your phone should be kept on whichever is the side of your dominant hand. 

Physical items, such as papers, files, etc., should be kept in a reachable corner with a desk organizer. Plus, keep a spot that is perpetually empty space to use for writing or signing documents. 

2. Limit Your Personal Items

We’re not going to be complete downers here and tell you not to have personal items whatsoever. A family photo or piece of memorabilia is a great way to show some personality, help you stay on task, and keep your job fulfilling.

That being said, if you’re looking for organization tips for work, cluttering your desk with personal items will make things difficult to find. In general, try to limit yourself to five personal items at maximum. 

3. Use Proper Labeling

It doesn’t matter how perfect your desk layout is, sometimes it’s difficult to find certain items. 

Folders of papers and documents, for example, may take you ages to sift through to find what you need at any given moment. This is why using professional labels can be a great way to organize your office space. 

If you use a desk organizer, label shelves, and if you keep files, label them as well. 

4. Hang Things When You Can

It turns out, office organization ideas aren’t all that different from interior design ideas. Hang things and use vertical space where you can.

Are you looking for a desk organizer? Find one that hangs on the wall instead? 

Do you have headphones? Use a bracket underneath your desk. 

The more you use the space around you, the more you can clear up the clutter on the desk itself. 

5. Don’t Forget Digital Organization

All of these desk organization ideas are great, but you can’t forget that in this day and age, a large part of your work is probably digital, too. 

Whether you do work on a computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or a little bit of each, you need to keep your digital life organized as well. Create a rigid file structure and delete or archive data when possible. 

The last thing you want is a desktop filled with floating images, documents, and programs. 

Desk Organization Ideas To Help You Excel At Work

Walking into the office and sitting down at a messy, cluttered desk is confusing and makes life difficult on everyone. Some of these desk organization ideas may help you figure out how to clean up your office life and work a little more efficiently. 

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